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Baby Names Females





Following Names are Found for Female

Name Gender Meaning
Ahseia Female

guilty but beautiful (asiya)

Aishah Female

living, prosperous

Alie Female

Highest or greatest

Ally Female

Highest or greatest

Almira Female

Exalted princess (from Arabic)

Amira Female


Aziza Female


Barika Female

Successful, bloom

Cantara Female

Small Bridge

Fatima Female

Muhammad's daughter, the daughter of the prophet

Genderine Female

Feminine name for gender. It was adopted from turk

Habibah Female


Hana Female

Happy life

iman Female

faith or belief

Janeeta Female

Gift of God

Jarita Female

an earthen water jug

Jumana Female

Silver Pearl

Khadijah Female


Leila Female

born at night (Layla, Lela, Lila, Layla)

Maha Female

Name of the deer

Maham Female

full moon

maliki Female


Mira Female

Exalted princess (from Arabic)

Myisha Female

woman (Myesha, Myeshia)

Nabilia Female

nobility (Nabeela)

Nadera Female

Exceptional, rare, uncommon

Rabi Female

sweet wind

Rihana Female

sweet basil

Safia Female

Not Found

Sahara Female

wilderness (Sahra, Saharah)

Samina Female

much praised (Samia, Sami, Sammar, Sammir, Sammie)

Samira Female


Sana'a Female

Praise to God; Praiseworthy (Sana, Sanaa, Sanna, S

shabnam Female

morning dew

tala Female

palm tree

Tasneem Female

Foundation of paradise

Tehani Female


Zaida Female


Zainab Female

Decorated or ornamented tree

Zara Female

as magnificiant as the dawn; a variation of Sarah

Zarina Female


Zohra Female

the blooming flower


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